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Week 3 learning Team BIMS study
July 21.2014
Prasad Yenumula


Week 3 learning Team BIMS study
The company communication is low because with all of the way the employees can talk with anyone they want too when they have a problem. It gives them the feeling that whatever they have to say will not be taking seriously and so to me this would ...view middle of the document...

Some of the employees think that they would lose their jobs if they do have anything to complain about. If they think that the hours that some are working are too long and they was to say something about it to upper management. They would think that they do not want to work and this could see them as being lazy and just want short hours to not work. But some that do not complain about the hours but want them to be shortened would just keep their mouth shut in order to keep their jobs. With a company of this size they need all of the employees they can get their hands on.


Have support groups that could address the problems that is in the company
Appoint a department head to find out how to fix the problems
Have suggestions box to see what the employees think about changes are coming


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