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Now almost all of the mobile devices have been equipped with video camera, and people have come to love taking pictures and photography. However, they have to take time to manage photos due to limited memory space, may lost their picture because of a lost phone and can not post, mailed, and collected these pictures on account of virtuality. As a result, peoples’ demand for printing and collecting photos has become increasingly intense.

Now there are two ways to print photos: print in photo gallery or the online stores. Nevertheless, both have some drawbacks: people first have to take time to find the photo shop, and pick them up after washing if choose photo gallery. Moreover, it is ...view middle of the document...

At last, staff where staffs can view and manage orders easily. They can export, merge all the pictures of every orders to print.

The system is based on WeChat public platform development and in the form of WeChat public number. This form has many advantages: users with a WeChat account can directly concern the WeChat public number and print photos. They do not need to download additional applications; all operations can be completed on the phone and do not need to import photos to a computer; the user teachings need just a small cost, because WeChat user's operating habits had been developed; small marketing costs, the public number itself has spread marketing advantage. And the system also has the following good points.

First, simple user interface operation to ensure that users will be able to complete all the operations independently without the need for guidance and prompting. Steps are sending photos to WeChat public number, and then the system prompting the user to edit photos. Finally, user finished editing the photo and orders and pay ton the third party payment platform.

Second, personalized multi-operation can meet the needs of most users. Users can crop...

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