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Summarize Research Article Essay

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Methodological differences between questionnaire & interviews are seen as having differing & possibility complementary strengths & weaknesses. While questionnaires are usually views as a more objective research tool that can produce
generalizable results because of large sample sizes, results can be threatened by many factors including: faulty questionnaire design; sampling and non – responses errors; biased, questionnaire design & wording; respondent unreliability; ignorance, misunderstanding, or bias, errors in coding, processing & statistical analysis; and faulty interpretation of results. Questionnaire research can be seen as over-reliant on instruments & thus, ...view middle of the document...

Harris, Lois R. & Brown, Gavin T.L. (2010). Mixing interview & questionnaire methods: Practical problems in aligning data. Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation, 15 (1). Available online:

Nursing Quantitative and Qualitative Research Design
Nirmla A. Gingco
Grand Canyon University
NUR 504 Health research Analysis & Utilization
April 29, 2015

The Quantitative Article1: A Quantitative Exploration of the Subjective burden experienced by nurses when caring for patients with delirium.
This research article was authored by Siobhan Mc Donell and Fiona Timmins and can be found at Grand Canyon University library resources: Journal of Clinical Nursing. Published on 12 February 2012. This is a summary of quantitative descriptive design study that aims to examine the subjective burden nurses experience when caring for patients with delirium and to identifying the individual aspects of delirium that nurses find most difficult to deal with. The researcher objectivity will help find meaningful information on nurses’ view by using self- reporting questionnaire to collect data. By conducting a descriptive investigation it points out a descriptive design used to develop theories, identify problems within practice, justify current practice and make judgments and in this instance to examine characteristics of a particular in and describe their views on their perceived subjective burden.
Delirium is seen to patients with fluctuating cognitive dysfunction, attention deficits and memory impairment and is most common in any healthcare settings. With predisposing risks factors, the stress caused to family, nurses who have minimal training, lack of knowledge and understanding of disorders and spending direct time and contact with these patients experienced a burden of care. This quantitative research is associated with positivism, evidence is gathered using formal instrument to collect data then analyzed.
Problem Statement:
There three subtypes of delirium as classified: hyperactive, hypoactive and mixed delirium presentation. Nurses must know how to observe and detect changes in patients behavior that may indicate the onset of a delirious episode; lack of knowledge and limited use of screening tools, there appears to be poor levels of detection, failing to notice the symptoms may have a negative outcomes for the patients, including falls. It can also cause elevated level of strain in the nurse owing to mismanage and diagnose. The subject of the burden that nurses face when caring for patients experiencing a delirious episode is a challenge and difficult experience for them.
Statement of Purpose:
The purpose of this study was to examine and measure the subjective burden nurses experience when caring for patients with...

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