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Substance Abuse Among American Adolescents Essay

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Substance Abuse among American Adolescents

Control substance abuse is an excessive consumption or a disorder use of substances especially drugs or alcohol that is associated with significant problems. Substance abuse is a disease that commonly appears among adolescents. According to Kerby Anderson1, “93% percent of all teenagers have some experience with alcohol by the end of their senior year of high school. Almost two-thirds of all American young people try illicit drugs before they finish high school.” If substance abuse is left untreated, it will cause violence in streets, such as crimes, kidnaping. Also, it will cause domestic violence. For example, many babies are born with drug dependency. There are many basic factors that lead to the use of control substances among American adolescents, how these factors affect our ...view middle of the document...

Other factors are the social pressure, such as friends and school these significant effects on adolescent. If they have friends or classmates in school using drugs, then they are more likely to use themselves. (One-hundred adolescents calling the hotline 1-800-COCAINE, fifty-seven said they bought their drugs in school” (Stephen Arterburn 5).
Drug abuse has changed the social life of America. Using drugs leads to life threating circumstances, “Every year two or three young movie stars are lost to overdose of some drug” (Stephen Arterburn 8). Using drugs also causes violence, such as street gangs and crimes. For example, drug users kill, steal, and kidnap to buy drugs. In addition, drug abuse cause health problems, such as blood pressure, liver damage, and other dengrouse disease. All these life threatening factors affect our community’s safety.
The drug epidemic must be fought by American people cooperating with the government. The law, parents, and teachers should work together in order to rebuild a safe America from drug and alcohol abuse to protect future generations. “America must destroy the mythology of cocaine and replace it with the reality of its dangers” (Stephen Arterburn 304). By the law, if drug dealers are arrested and punished by maximum penalties, they will protect America’s society. Also, parents and teachers must educate our children to fight these habits that destroyed their lives and future.

Substance abuse is and increasing problem in America that is caused by constantly using drugs, which leads to negative outcomes. There are many factors that help to produce drug abuse, such as family factors and social pressure. These factors can cause life threatening problems, violence, and health problems. The government, parents, and teachers should guide our children to stay away and help to prevent drug abuse for safety of society and future generations.

1 5 August 2003

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