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Joseph Derowski
It is not a disease. Do people just need to “man up” and deal with their responsibilities? They chose that life. Or is there much more to substance abuse than what people who haven’t experienced it firsthand know. Growing up I have experienced substance abuse in many ways, most predominantly through my dad. Alcohol was pretty much a staple in my family as I’m sure it is in many families all over the world. It wasn’t weird that whenever family was together everyone was drinking. It was just what it was and it was normal for us. I thought everyone’s dad was just like my dad, and my dad was awesome. All the time I would hear “shh don’t tell mom, just get in the car” and we ...view middle of the document...

But did that make him responsible? Yes and no. He provided for his family in some ways and lacked in others. The story I’m going to focus on is the night my mom and dad officially separated which lead to their divorce. Dad was an alcoholic and a drug addict. He had one rule and that was no needles and I wouldn’t even be surprised if he broke that one a few times. It was a night in February, I can’t remember the date exactly but it was around my sister’s birthday. I was ten at the time and my brother and sister are both younger than me so we were all still quite young. My dad invited over my Uncle Rich and Aunt Sue, who really aren’t related to me, but they have been family friends longer than I have been alive, but that is not important. That night my dad was on a bad mix of pills and alcohol, it was his homemade wine and either Xanex or some type of painkiller like Oxy-codon or Percocet. He was not in good shape. After my Aunt and Uncle left my parents started fighting like they always did at night. My mom is one of the most difficult people to live with. I’m not going to talk much about her because she has her own problems and only recently after two years of not talking have we began to rebuild our relationship. But this is nowhere near an excuse for my dad’s consistent reckless actions. That night my dad was getting frustrated with how my mom was treating him at dinner. From how he put it later that night, because when my family had friends over the kids ate first then the parents, he tried to explain to me what had happen, why he was angry, but why that wasn’t an excuse for his behavior. My parents were going back and forth worse than usual, things were getting thrown and dishes were breaking. The fight eventually went upstairs where mine and my sister’s rooms were. I remember my dad screaming at my mom, “you can never talk to me, you always run away and hide behind the kids”. They fight then spilled into my sister’s room which is right next to mine. My dad was furious because he thought my mom was using us as some type of excuse to not deal with him. Whether that is true or not only my mom knows. My mom starting cursing at my dad and in rage he hit her. I can only imagine what was going through my sister’s head, even though I was only a few feet away and heard the whole thing, what she had saw must have been traumatizing. Things cooled off very quickly which was odd. There was no yelling or screaming, fighting or commotion, just an uneasy...

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