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Intercultural Management Analysis (IMA) | Blue Ridge Spain Case |
Adam HughesNam DangJoanna Savva | 3004IBA Intercultural Management |

Table of Contents

MBI Analysis
Excel Cultural Scenario Map
Recommendations for a Business Solution
Appendix A – Cultural Summary and Observations

1. Case:
Blue Ridge Spain case
2. Key Business/Management Issues:
Blue Ridge restaurants, a profitable franchised joint venture is facing dissolution at the hands of its incumbent owners Delta foods corporation. The managing director of Blue Ridge Yannis Costas has been aimlessly attempting to convince his superiors to remain partners, but in turn is completing an ...view middle of the document...

4, Spain 0.5, Finland 0.6) on a scale of - 1 to 1.5 where 1.5 is collectivism
Preference of mastery over harmony (United Sates 0.5, Spain 0.3, Finland 0.9) on a scale of -0.4 to 1 where 1 is mastery
Preference of Hierarchy (United Sates 0.1%, Spain 0.3, Finland -.01) on a scale of -0.6 to 1.2 where 1.2 is strong hierarchy
Trompenaars Dimensions
Universalism vs. Particularism (United Sates – 91%, Spain – 70%, Finland – 92%) Percentage opting for a Universalist system
Individualism vs. Communitarianism (United Sates – 72%, Spain – 75%, Finland – 76%) percentage opting to individualism
Neutral vs. Affective (United Sates – 43%, Spain – 19%, Finland – 41%) percentage opting to an affective system
Mapping - (Describe strengths and differences of each culture and identify their impact (Lane & Maznewski, pg 74)
1. Selecting which characteristics are to be mapped
The characters to be mapped from the Blue Ridge Spain case include:
Yannis Costas: Greek/American, (Blue Ridge Managing Director).
Andres Balaguer: (Spanish, Terralumen Company President)
Mikael Sondergran: (Finish, Delta foods corporation vice president).
2. Describing members’ characteristics
Yannis Costas (Individualism) is frustrated with Blue Ridge Restaurant Cooperation’s new owner (Delta Food Corporation) as they wanted to dissolve the joint venture between them and Terralumen. Problems arose because of the disagreement concerning future growth rates set by Delta which Terralumen considers unrealistic. Andres Balaguer (collectivist) originally took two years of negation before he agreed to accept the joint venture with Blue Ridge. After becoming friendly with the Blue Ridges director of business development, the joint venture had been successful for 10 years.
A new position of VP became available to be responsible for Europe, Middle East and South Africa. Costas (Individualism) thought that he may be considered for the position due to his experience and knowledge of the company. To his dismay inexperienced Mikael Sondergran from Finland had filled the position although he had no background in restaurant management. This made Costas (masculinity) furious leading him to confront the decision. Thus the decision was made and Sondergran appeared at the directors meeting.
Sondergran (Mastery) assumed Balaguer (Harmony) and Costas (Harmony) was content to keep growth rates at the current level s and would have to be forcefully persuades to accept more aggressive targets. Balaguer (Femineity) did not accept Sondergran (Masculinity) aggressive approach to the matter and questioned the ability of the inexperienced VP. Sondergran (Mastery) then relied on the contract to note that Terralumen was willing to grow markets. Balaguer (Harmony) expressed if feelings that if the contract were the only way to resolve an issue then it wasn’t worth it.
Over the next six months a new strategy came into action as Terralumen accepted half the growth rates Delta was pursuing....

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