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Identifying Keys to Success in Life and Overcoming Hardships or Obstacles
Mohd Azfar Asa’ad (B1101710)

Keys to Success in Life based on my Role Model
The person I have chosen as my role model is a family friend Mr. Adrian. I have chosen him because he has many good characteristics that make him a good role model. Mr. Adrian was born into a very poor family and he was the only child. His father was a taxi driver and his mother sold homemade cookies to nearby shops to make ends meet. Although, both his parents were having health problem, they still did their best to provide for him.
Mr. Adrian considers education to be one of the main pillars of success in life. ...view middle of the document...

Mr. Adrian chooses to trust his instincts and make a decision rather than completely relying on market data. However, he says that by doing this there are many risks but business is always risky and this method seems to work well for him. Although there was one time where a wrong decision had caused him to nearly lose his company. Mr. Adrian had invested nearly all his assets on a certain product but it did not bear enough profit to cover his investment. This placed him in serious debt with many banks. He decided to borrow money from his family and friends to settle the debt. He then invested a large sum of money again, but this time the profits were sky high.
Mr. Adrian believes that communication is the foundation of every relationship. He ensures that he spends at least some time from his busy schedule to with his family, friends and employees. In Mr. Adrian’s workplace there are a diverse collection of employees. He ensures that every single one of them is treated equally. Each person is rewarded based on his or her performance. By doing this he believes that every single employee will work harder with each other so that they will receive better salaries at the end of the month.
When Mr. Adrian was in...

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