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Laverne A. Marks
General Studies in Human Development
u02a1 Study Selection-Scope of Studies in Human Behavior
Dr. Pack
October 20, 2013

Study Selection
The organization that I have chosen is Behavioral Health Family Enterprises Incorporation. FEI has been open since 1979 and is one of the largest behavioral Companies in the United States. FEI has two locations the main office is in Milwaukee and they have another office in New York. FEI was the first in human behavior, they also established the first network Employee Assistance Program with the Xerox ...view middle of the document...

FEI Behavioral Health feels that if they strengthen their employees and their families, it will strengthen the work place all together. They also provide their employees and their immediate family with 24 hour access to problem solving. FEI Behavioral Health also has services that help balance the demands of how a person works and their family life. There is also a program where they help their employees keep more of their paychecks. This will be a great place for me to work because they care about their employees. Any time you have a company that cares about the employees it’s a great company. Every one should want to work for this kind of organization.
I hope to learn many things from this company. The opportunity to work with Behavioral Health Family Enterprise Incorporation presents a great opportunity for me to learn from some of the best in the field. I am hoping that I will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to move
Study Selection
forward in my career. I also welcome the opportunity to make contact with other professionals in my field. I would like to learn how they dealt with issues that they may have encountered as a new comer to the field. The outcome may be different for each employee but some of the issues will be the same. I am hoping to learn everything that I can and accomplish many things. Some times learning from others can be a great thing.

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