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Study On Compentency Mapping Essay

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Aakash D. Patel

ABSTRACT: Competency mapping is a process of identifying key competencies for a particular position in an organization, and then using it for job-evaluation, recruitment, training and development, performance management, succession planning, etc. Competency based talent management can improve both productivity and performance by identifying key characteristics of top performers and how those traits differ from average employees. These characteristics in turn can filter in a set of core competency profile that consistently leads to successful workforce. Thus the HR department should be alerted about the need for competency mapping ...view middle of the document...

Employees and their managers together can identify which competencies would be most helpful to work on to improve the employee’s effectiveness. They can then integrate that into a learning plan that may include on-the-job experience, classroom training, or other developmental activities.
Some examples of competencies required by the employees are: -
Adaptability, Commitment, Creativity, Motivation, Foresight, Leadership, Independence, Emotional, Stability, Analytical Reasoning, Communication Skills
Benefits of Using Competency Mapping
Creating competency based culture and systems in organizations are the need of the period. It is needed to enhance specialized skills and have a continuous up-gradation of knowledge. Competency mapping can play a significant role in recruiting and retaining people as it gives a more accurate analysis of the job requirements, the candidate’s capability, of the difference between the two, and the development and training needs to bridge the gaps.
* For The Company
1. Reinforce corporate strategy, culture, and vision.
2. Establish expectations for performance excellence, resulting in a systematic approach to professional development, improved job satisfaction, and better employee retention.
3. Increase the effectiveness of training and professional development programs by linking them to the success criteria (i.e., behavioral standards of excellence).
4. Provide a common framework and language for discussing how to implement and communicate key strategies.
5. Provide a common understanding of the scope and requirements of a specific role.
* For Managers:
1. Identify performance criteria to improve the accuracy and ease of the hiring and selection process.
2. Provide more objective performance standards.
3. Clarify standards of excellence for easier communication of performance expectations to direct reports.
4. Provide a clear foundation for dialogue to occur between the manager and employee about performance, development, and career-related issues.

* For Employees:
1. Identify the success criteria required to be successful in their role.
2. Support a more specific and objective assessment of their strengths and specify targeted areas for professional development.
3. Provide development tools and methods for enhancing their skills.


Competency mapping is a strategic HR framework for monitoring the performance and development of human resource in organizations. Regardless of whatever happens to the future of software in India, the people who are outstanding in their performance will continue to be in demand and will keep rising and for this the human...

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