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By the year 2005, the barrels that mountain man lager sold were well over 520,000 barrels. This translates to the brand receiving revenue of slightly above $50 million. The beer also holds a respectable market share and a top market position in West Virginia for a period of 50 years and also the states it is distributed in. the revenues recorded however were 2% less than the revenues that had been received in the previous year. But despite this decrement, the company still managed to register profits. The company is also experiencing trouble trying to maintain its own sales in the premium beers segment ...view middle of the document...

It has also used this advantage to create a niche within its primary market demography. By identifying their brand they have been able to succeed in capturing the blue collar workers consumers. Research has proved that mountain man is a recognizable brand within the working class individuals
Some of the characteristics that distinguish mountain man’s brand are its smoothness, percentage of water content; and it is also easy to drink it. But the most unique thing about their brand is its discrete bitter flavor and higher alcohol content than the other competitor brands. It is also dark in color another trait that easily distinguishes it from its competitors. An individual who was part of the audience during the research said, “My dad drank Mountain Man just like my granddad did. They both felt it was as good a beer as you could get anywhere” (Pg 3)
The brewed was launched in 1925 as a modified family traditional “recipe using a meticulous selection of rare, Bavarian hops and unusual strains of barley, resulting in a flavorful, bitter-tasting beer” (Pg 2) the Mountain Man Lager. It also has a widespread reputation all through the East Central region of the United States. To emphasize its dark color, it is packaged in a brown bottle that carries a design with a bunch of coal miners. The beer is priced similar with the premium domestic brands. This makes it cheaper than its competitors in the specialty brands.
Most of their customers are the blue collar working class males. According to the research, this category of consumers purchased 60% of their beer at off premise locations where the company sells 70% of its beer. This consistency may be credited to the fact that the mountain man lager is perceived as a strong beer intended for working men. The loyalty of these customers is what leads to them to preferring the beer to other brands. The research showed that the loyalty levels for these customers were about 53%, scoring the best among its competitors.
MMBC has adopted grass roots promotion strategy. This is in contrast to the traditional advertising methods applied by the competitor brands. Through the grass roots advertising, they have been able to pass the message on the quality of the mountain lager beer better using mouth to mouth. The competitors use lifestyle messages to reach the young market target where they are unable to pass the message easily. Through mouth to mouth, personal experiences may be involved and this may lead to an easily convincing situation.
. There have been adverse changes in the beer consumption traits and these are the reasons leading to the decline of MMBC. The consumers are rapidly changing their preferred drinks and the company is beginning to...

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