Study Life Of A Student At Univesity

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Hello, everyone! I’m Lan Anh.Today, I’m so happy to be here to tell you about the first part of our group’s presentation: Study life of a student at university. My talk will be in three parts. First, I’d like to give you an overview of the difference between university and high school. Second, I’ll focus on the new study form. Finally, I’ll talk about new exam form.So, let’s start with the difference between university and high school. As you know, a classroom in high school is small and only enough for about 50 students. But at university, the classroom is larger, crowded, and not fixed. It can have more than 100 people and well-equipped. ...view middle of the document...

But then, they find it more enjoyable. Furthermore, the regulation at university isn’t as compulsory as in high school. We have more freedom and responsibilities. It is up to us to go to class, manage our work. The benefit is that we can own our timetable, our study and our life. On the other hand, some students are lazy or tempted to other attraction such as: internet, game…Ok, let’s move on to the new study form at university. We will focus on a particular major that will be useful for our future jobs. The learning system is by credit and module. We have to accomplish 140 credits in 4 years. Each module is worth from 2 to 4 credits. To adapt to this change, we also have the suitable study methods including: independent and self-motivated learning, teamwork… Besides studying in class, we can go to the library, self-study room…Finally, let’s consider the new exam form. There are fewer tests at university than in high school. A module often has 2 tests in a semester. It seems to be more leisured. And how to calculate the score? The answer is 10-30-60, 10% for performance, 30% for mid-term test and 60% for final test. And the result of learning is assessed according to the score: 8.5-10: mark A, 7.0-8.4: mark B, 5.5-6.9: mark C… and if score is below 4, you must study that module again. That’s all about study life of a student at university. And next, Trang will talk about the social activities. | SignpostingTriplingTriplingSignpostingSignpostingRhetorical Question |

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