Study Habits Of Physical Science Majors In Pangasinan State University, Bayambang Campus In Relation To Their Academic Performance

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Establishing Good Study Habits
Efficient Use of Time
"I'm here to tell you what I think is a key to academic survival and success. The first and most important thing I feel, at least to survival and success in the classroom, is efficient use of your time outside the classroom. Remember, there are 24 hours in a day. Set aside two to three hours each day for studying. This will leave you with five to six hours -- after we subtract time for our classes, meals, and a good night's sleep -- to do those things that we like to do much more than studying. The next thing that I feel contributes to survival and success in the classroom is periodic review of your lecture notes and the appropriate ...view middle of the document...

So remember your friends and classmates when you study."
- By Mike Brown
Mixing Studies with Social Activities
"The most successful students balance social activities with good study habits. A diversion from studies will alleviate stress and help prevent you from becoming fatigued. So make sure you take a break for an hour after studies to meet with friends, to play some cards, work out at the gym, or to gab with a new acquaintance. You'll find your concentration sharpen when you do study, if you plan a social activity afterwards. To develop a healthy social life, develop routine study habits. After supper, lug your books and homework to the library, find a comfortable and quiet niche, and study for two or three hours, taking intermittent 10 minute breaks every 45 minutes or so. Make a friend with whom you share similar study habits, and share a table or a study space with them. Remember, after you've completed your work for the evening, take time for a social activity before retiring for the evening. You'll wake up feeling refreshed and prepared for another day."
- By Mark Crilly
Setting a Comfortable Pace
"Are you frustrated at not performing at a level equal to your potential in your courses? This tip is to help maximize your academic efforts. A good grade in a course is almost never the result of luck. The key is to set yourself at a comfortable pace for studying. What is your comfortable pace? Once you determine this, consistency is the secret. Setting aside time for focused study every day will probably result in a higher grade point average. Make falling behind a thing of the past! Also, for each course you have, rate your interest level and the type of course, list the course requirements, set a goal for the grade you wish to earn, and establish a study schedule. A study schedule will guarantee better grades and may actually reduce the study time you spend now. Be sure to incorporate some review time each study period. Your study schedule must be convenient and you must adhere to it. Increased study time with consistency will spell success. I have seen it work for students."
- By Jean Fera
Changing Your Habits
"How are you? I'm Dr. John Feldmeier with an Academic Survival Tip. But first, I want you to find a pencil or pen so you can write down what I'm about to say. Ready, please write this down. The past does not equal the future. Once again, the past does not equal the future. Next, I want you to take what you have written down and place it where you will see it each and every day. Okay, what does it mean? It means those poor study habits such as not completing assignments, missing classes, and staying up too late before your next class do not have to be repeated in the future. Who can make these changes? Yes, you're correct. You, and only you, can change the future to achieve more success and productivity. Remember, don't let the past be your future. Make these changes for a better life."
- By John Feldmeier

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