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Background of the Study
Before entering college, students have big dreams about it. Students expect it to be places of fun and excitement, where students can cut classes as per students wish, watch numerous movies with friends, where it can sharpen the talents and become an expert in the field of the liking. But a few months down the line, students are fully baffled by what all is taking place around them: Numerous assignments and class tests, frequent university examinations, practical, projects. Students find everyone doing everything promptly. Students find themselves lost at times and sometimes even thoroughly frustrated.(Akshay Surendran, 2007)
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Being able to study in the proper manner will achieve the best results. (KernelPone, 2012)

Examinations strategies work for everyone, none of this represents an easy way out in examination papers. This isn't a miracle key that anyone can use to succeed. Students need to devote a lot of time and persistence if student want this examination technique method to work. However much it may rail against it and bemoan the fact that examination papers may not reflect knowledge, in the real world, examination results do tend to count for a lot, career wise. If students going to do them, it makes sense to do them well. (Miriam Vered, 2012)

Every person has his own way of studying to achieve success in examinations. Some like studying in the early morning, some like to do late nights, some like studying all through the year while some believe that last minute study is effective. Whatever the method is it is always better to be thoroughly prepared for the examinations and there should not be a last minute rush. (Prerna Salla, 2011-2012)

The student strategy use for examination preparation might be different than strategies used by others. It will be based on skills, knowledge, experience, and finding the recipe that works best for it.

When it comes for studying or learning, every student prefer his or her distinct pattern that suits their speed, grasping capacity and other academic abilities. However there are certain studying techniques that can aid the learning process to a great extent. Taking notes in the class, reviewing the notes, rewriting the study material can seem too much intimidating at times, student need to acquire some useful study habits to follow a good study plan. (Uttara Manohar, 2011)

Examinations can be strenuous both physically and mentally, but the stress can be eradicated through adhering to some simple examination preparation techniques. Study is the most important aspect of examination preparation. To get the most out of studying student should stick to a few simple examination preparation techniques, which will help prevent things like stress and anxiety as well as improving his or her organizational skills. Examinations can be a stressful time that can take a toll on both the health and emotional strength of a person, however much of the stress can be reduced by practicing some helpful study techniques. Study is the core of any exam preparation. It does not matter how well student paid attention in class or to a tutor, student will need to prepare for an examinations at one time or another. To ensure a smooth and successful examination, student can practice some simple study techniques for a proper study session. (2011, 

Theoretical Framework
This study will employ various strategies of examination preparation apply by the respondent. It will assist the respondent in forming better examination preparation and creating a strategies that is best for the respondent.

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