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Student Guide Paper

1290 words - 6 pages

Student Guide for Paper 1
Spring, 2012
Due by February 6, 2012, 11:59 p.m., Texas Time

1. Write a short term paper on a business / economics topic of your choice. Think of this paper as a short literature review.

Note 1: Your research papers must be your own original work!  Be sure to give proper credit when you borrow or use someone else's words and ideas, including your own previously written works. See the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association pages 15-16 for specific information on Plagiarism and Self-Plagiarism. If proper credit is not given to the work of others, the paper will be assigned a grade of 0.

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2 Abstract (APA 2.04, Abstract)

3.3 Content section that includes an introduction, body, and conclusion with appropriate headings (See APA Section 2.05 Introduction and APA Section 3.03 Levels of Headings).

4. References (APA 2.11, References)

4. The content section must be no more than four (4) double-spaced pages in length.

5. Use a minimum of four current references from scholarly or peer-reviewed journals or sources. Do not use any sources for your paper other than those that are scholarly or peer-reviewed works. Use of more than four current references is acceptable since more than four sources are often needed to cover a topic. All citations and references, however, must be from scholarly or peer-reviewed sources.

As you select journal articles or other sources for use in your paper, collect information for each source to document that it is a scholarly or peer-reviewed source. Be prepared to provide the documentation that each source is a scholarly or peer-reviewed work upon request as papers are turned in for grading and/or as papers are being graded.

One way to determine if a reference is a scholarly or peer-reviewed work, particularly in the case of journal articles, is to go to the publication’s web site. A scholarly or peer reviewed journal will clearly identify itself as such on its Home page and/or on its About page. A good example of this is the Journal of Human Resources which clearly states on its Home page at that it publishes academic papers. A screen print with this type of information will suffice as documentation of a scholarly or peer-reviewed source for the purpose of this paper. For additional guidance on how to determine if a source is a scholarly or peer-reviewed source, check with a university librarian.

As you review journal articles and other sources and consider each one for use in your paper, think critically about the articles you select for reference in your paper.  As you consider use of each article, ask yourself, “Does this article follow a good research design and proper format?” 

As you write your assessment of each article for your paper, you should address the following:

• What are the major assumptions (i.e., arguments/supposition/hypotheses)? How restrictive are they? How do they facilitate the analysis? How sensitive are the results to the specific assumptions?

• What are the major results? What is the practical and theoretical significance of the results? Do the results have implications other than those discussed by the authors?

• What additional issues would be worthwhile to explore? What approaches could be taken to studying these issues?

6. Below are reminders about APA formatting and hints about the use of Word that will help you prepare your paper.

6.1 Use Times New Roman...

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