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Student Essay

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Functions of the Nairobi County Government

Background information
In 1963 after Kenya achieved independence, the Nairobi Urban District Council became the City Council of Nairobi. The council was created by an act of Parliament , Cap 265 of the laws of Kenya to provide services to residents of the city. The city had 8 divisions which also served as parliamentary constituencies. 55 city councilors were elected to represent wards in the divisions.
The purpose of this function is to introduce the challenges , knowledge, skill and experienced gained at Nairobi City county which has its head office at Nairobi City Hall.
Profile Nairobi City County

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To be the leaders in the provision of highly skilled and motivated human resources for the delivery of services to the residents of Nairobi.
Department functions
Attracting and retaining relevant talents
Maintaining ethical policies and behavior
Providing suitable employment
Utilising th available resources effectively.
Maintaining high moral and good human relation.
General activities
General overview of activities in HR department is employed to dealwith HR functions of the organizational and duties
* Intriduced to personnel records
* Receiving and sorting of personal records for filling and making personal files for action officers
* Ensuring personal files are issued and returned to the registry by recording them to the incoming anf to the registry of non- active files from the active files.
* Separating of non-active files from the active files
* Verifying if actions was taken when files were returned to the registry.
* Sorting of personal records for filling and advising staff on action taken on their cases.
* Ensuring that all documents in personbal files are forliated and cheked when files are returned to the registry
I was overwhelmed by one mentor because I learnt a lot of records and gained a lot of information on records keeping and management.
The function duties of officers working with payroll section includes the following
* Arranging employees payslip so as to be issued to the employees
* Processing of terminal dues of retirees.
* Updating leave allowances and overtime allowances.
* Updating leave records.
Introductiion to the duties of training and development
* Processing of employee clearance letter for officers travelling outside the country or county
* Directing attachees to various departments to confirm vacancies.
* Preparation of reply of employees letter for study leave
In training development section, I learnt on how course approval are handled, How one can decide on which career to take in the leave study and how one should be accorded study leave successfully after finishing the study.
* Introduction to the section and duties of officers working in appointment section
* Pre parathion of county section agenda
* Processing of new appointments for medical examinations
* Drafting letters of appointments and promotions
* Ensuring and implementing of county resolutions on appointed related cases timely.
* Introduction to officers who work in the confidential registry and their duties
* Arranging employees confidential files and issuing medical schemes cards
* Retrieving files required to other sections or departments for action
Filling wa the main activity undertaken in the section since the department deals mostly with employees confidential files until such time that will b e required.

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