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Stuck On Red Essay

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Zatre Lenoir
Problem Solving Theory
Unit 2 Research Paper 1

“Stuck on Red”
My wife, Patricia, claims to be a patient woman. She says she just doesn’t like to wait. She REALLY doesn’t! Not at a restaurant, not in the grocery store line, not at a sporting event ticket booth and certainly not at a stoplight. “I got things to do and I don’t want to sit there wasting time,” she says. This is one of the many things we can fully agree and relate on. I can’t stand to be “stuck on ...view middle of the document...

While I realize that traffic lights are needed, it is not necessary to sit at the same light long enough to grow a beard! I have devised a plan to cut traffic light stop times down.
These are the steps needed to make this happen. Step one: place weight sensor plates about the size of a quarter every 12 feet starting 48 feet from the traffic light. Step two: sync the sensors to a main frame computer system that will trigger the light to switch colors based on the information it receives from the sensors. Step three: test the sensors with a trail run for one week. Step four: gather data and feedback from drivers who have used this route.
Traffic lights are already wired into a mainframe with a timer system and could be switched out to this system very cost effectively based on my research and the cost of the sensors. The average cost for one sensor is $24.00. If we place 3 sensor on each side of a traffic light the cost for one inter section would be $144.00.
The results would be that when the sensors are full the mainframe would signal the light to change. So when the red side starts to fill with stopped cars the oncoming traffic light would change to decrease build up in congestion and waiting time. The end result would be happier drivers! Including my wife and I, no more stuck on red.

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