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My Stress Action Management Plan

Southern New Hampshire University
There are many factors in life that we cannot control. Traffic when you’re late to work, work and school deadlines that must be met, children who would rather quarrel than agree. These situations can and most likely will induce stress on an individual. Stress is defined as a state of negative tension in the emotional well-being of a person. Stress is the process on how we handle and cope with our environment (Myers, 2014).  This tension, or stressors, can create anxiety, unintended pressure, and can completely hassle a person’s life. Stress relates to the field of Psychology in that it affects the bodies physical and ...view middle of the document...

  I have a wonderful family and team of doctors who are my support and help me to fight the disease.  I take my medications, and combat stress with exercise and a new photography hobby that I picked up.  I believe these things will help me relieve my stress.  I also try to avoid potential stress triggers as much as I can.  My husband is the financial provider for my household, so I do not have to worry about money and the bills that need to be paid.  Finances are a huge stressor for me so this has helped ease my mind substantially.
Another stressor for me personally has been my college educational experience.  I was straight out of high school and college bound but for a reasons I myself do not fully understand, I became a college dropout.  Life begins to catch up with you when you are not on course.  I got married, and started a family and education was put on the back burner for me.  Now my new goal is to complete my bachelor’s degree and eventually my masters.  In my family education is extremely important.  My immediate and mother’s side are college educated and I’m currently the only daughter without a degree.  It’s stressful to me because the process has been difficult.  There is an amount of pressure on me to finish.  I would consider the negative pressure of my family to be a big stressor.  I would consider however the positive pressure from my immediate family to be a good stressor.  I would like to finish to show my children that their mother finished school and became a contributing professional in society.  I will continue to pursue my first goal of receiving my bachelor’s degree by focusing more on my studies and less on my college experience.  Since I’ve matured, I’m able to devote my time to my studies and not to other things that hinder me.

Research done by Carnegie Mellon University has given proof of the effects of Stress on the body. Before, it was unknown just how much or how stress effected body, but through the study published in the Proceedings the National Academy of Sciences, research shows that mental stress affects the body’s inflammatory response. The study proved that the hormone cortisol is in part regulated by inflammation, and prolonged- stress can alter-how affective cortisol regulates in the body (Association for Psychological Science, February 2012) The cells in immune system become insensitive- to cortisol, which in turn-causes excessive inflammation. Inflammation has been known to speed up the progression of certain diseases such as heart disease and Multiple Sclerosis. Professor Cohen led this and studies beforehand that proved this theory. Cohen’s first study of 276 healthy individuals concluded that when exposed to a virus that causes the common cold, in a stressful environment of monitored quarantine, the body was unable to regulate the immune system and were more likely to develop a cold. I can understand how stressful this must have been for these individuals. To be exposed to a virus and then...

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