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Strengths And Weakness Of Kantian Essay

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Basic Strengths and Weaknesses of Kantian Ethics
Main strengths of Kantian ethics:

* Clarity - Kantian ethics is clear and easy to follow. Its absolutist, deontologicalnature is arguably the most easy to apply
* this is good for environmental, business and sexual ethics. Any theory which is easy to apply is helpful/useful/reliable
* Egalitarian - Kant states we should treat people as "an end in themselves" and so Kantian ethics puts everyone on equal ground
* this is also good for all three, for obvious reasons
* Consistent - the absolutist nature of the ethic means that what it says will never change - nobody is an exception
* this is good for business - ...view middle of the document...

The clear distinction between ‘emotions’ and ‘duty’ is important, it ensures that decisions are made out of something more than ‘urges of the moment’. For example, if you see someone hurt on the street, rather than acting just out of compassion, it is better to act of duty. This is gives something extra to the action taken.

2. The theory can be applied to everyone, regardless of culture, race, religion etc.

3. The appeal to innate human reason establishes a clear criteria for what constitutes a moral action. This makes it easier to deduce right actions to take.

4. It respects human life without exception. Kant’s deontological of theory goes against suicide, abortion, murder etc. Even killing out of love is seen as unmoral.

5. This respect in time demonstrates that human beings have rights e.g. they have a right to be told the truth.

6. It is wholly secular which means it does not rely on the assumption that there is a God.

1. It works only if everyone agrees to it especially when fulfilling the maxim of Kingdom of Ends.

2. There can be conflicts of duty e.g. we have a duty to protect human life as well as we have duty not to lie but what if lying is the only way to save someone’s life? Kant’s reply to this criticism is interesting, he says that there is...

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