Strength Quest Exercise Essay

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Strength Quest Exercise
Manjumol Mathew
Kaplan University
NU 300- Professional Leadership Transitions
Amy Daly, RN, MN
February 2, 2010

We will explore and review the findings from the strength quest exercise that was taken online and give a brief description of my supervisors view on leadership skills. I will compare my personal leadership skills in contrast to my supervisor’s ideals. Then I will identify my leadership skills and how they are applied in my nursing practice based on the findings of our exercise.

The development of modern nursing in the areas of education, philosophy, and wisdom has evolved with help form many nursing leaders. ...view middle of the document...

It is the process of learning as oppose to the outcome that excites them. The action items to be addressed for this theme include identifying their own learning style, organizing there life, and learning about themselves. Learners need to keep tract of their progress, spend time with their professors and make every possible situation a learning environment. There for they are always choosing challenging subjects that cultivate enrichment in the work place (Strength Quest).

The responsibility team is the driving force that pushes the completion of a task. It furthermore influences the emotional commitment to see the goal to its completion. People usually trust and admire those to tackle responsibility head on. The action items that describe a responsible person include and ability to work with other responsible and driven themed people in task completion while adhering to strict rules and regulations. It is advisable to choose friends that can trust and who have goals and initiatives in common (Strength Quest).

A developer is always willing to help others and identify their potential to grow. The action themes described for this role are teaching, coaching, and managing. The success of outcomes will increase facilitator’s strength and satisfaction. The action plan to improve the developers strength is always remember who influenced them in the past and to always be willing to help and support others. Developers encourage and teach; thus they increase their knowledge base. Assuming the role as a mentor and working with people from other academic levels improve and strengthen people from this theme (Strength Quest).

An includer is one who has the ability to accept other people regardless of their age, nationality, race, or sex. These people make others feel important and cared for by their acceptance to improve this strength further these people often as the opinion of all in group settings. These people accept new people in their group and show interest in orienting them (Strength Quest).

Being a person with strengths of the empathy theme, I am usually able to foresee individuals feelings. Empathetic people are often willing to listen and participate in their emotional struggles of others. Empathy is a natural strength I have refined by observing other people and have built talents to overcome negative emotions. I have much importance to non verbal communication in supporting and chose profession that relishes this value. I try to involve myself in organizations and activities that help others enrich themselves (Strength Quest).

Supervisor’s View of an effective leader
In order to identify my supervisor’s perception of an effective leader, I interviewed Ms. Margret Valcourt; Associate Director of our ICU unit. She served as a Director of Emergency departments, Trauma and Air medical, Critical care services for twenty years. She is still teaches nursing students and staff. Margret explain that here basic...

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