Strategy Success In Gourmet Fast Food

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Strategy success in gourmet fast food


Introduction ………………………………………………… ……….. 3

The Main Forces in the Macro-environment facing the Fast-food Industry ……………………………………………………………… 3

The Main Factors that contributed to Crust’s Success and to RBW’s Poor Performance ……………………………………….. 3
The most important marketing-mix elements in each firm and the impact of their marketing-mix focus have on their performance.
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Risk from the actions …………………………………………....... 6

Conclusion ………………………………………………………… 6

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With the increase of demographic, the quantity of demand in the market also increase. And the teenagers are prefer to choose fast food than the aged.
Comparing with others food industry, fast food is cheaper than others, when the economic depression, the fast food industry is prosperity realitively.

The main factors that contributed to Crust’s success and to RBW’s poor performance

First, the Crust’s founder, Costa Anastasiadis, identified a “market gap”. In 2001, there are many restaurants that offer pizza as a part of their menus, nobody can get home-delivered or take-away option. And The basic strategy is born which is sell convenient pizza(Case study, Document)
Second, develop product to satisfy the market need. As the quality of the pizza id the key consumer requirement, Anastasiadis perfected special pizza crust that can stayed fresher longer during the delivery-time period. (Case study, Document)
Third, make difference with competitors. After choose a ideal location, Ananstasidis pays attention to two issues: in-store deveploment and staff recruitment. To attract attention of consumer, they design the store to be visually exciting. (Case study, Document)
Last, keep innovation that it became the first take-away food and gains a significant media attention at that time. (Case study, Document)

First, same to Crust, RBW also identifies a “market gap”. And also with a same situation, Gourmet burgers is as a part of the menus in the restaurant. And none of then offering gourmet burgers combined with “fast food”. (Case study, Document)
Second, the founder invests 400,000 UK pounds of the company. The start-up money is about ten times available for Crust’s. (Case study, Document)
Third, they have an inefficient management. They think the key to achieving their goals is the strong brand equity, it is not pay attention to the quality of the burger. They appoint the agency to give their business professional look. When the first objective is failed, they change another agency. The brand strategy was always changed. (Case study, Document)

The most important marketing-mix elements in each firm and the impact of their marketing-mix focus have on their performance.
1) Product
The founder understands that the quality of the pizza would be a key consumer requirement. Crust keep innovation, product the special pizza that can be stayed fresher for longer. And for satisfy the market needs, developing the appropriate product is prioritization. Offering the home-delivered and take- way options, it aims to selling the pizza with a convenience basis. (Case study, Document) 4

2) Place
The company chooses an ideal location where have fairly affluent demographic. The location fits for target market. To make different with competitors, they focus on the in-store development and staff recruitment. The stores...

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