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Strategy Recommendation Pre Writing Essay

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Identify the Business
With the revolution of mobile apps on smartphones and tablets, many individuals have found life more entertaining and easier. Everything from airline reservations, to online banking, and social media are linking friends and families all over the world. Consumers have access to over 1.5 million apps available in the Apple App Store and Google Play (Warman, 2013).
Rochester General Health Systems (RGH) is a local hospital found in Rochester, NY. It is one of three hospitals that residents of Monroe County have access to within a seventeen mile stretch. Now that most hospitals have integrated from the use of paper based patient charts to electronic medical ...view middle of the document...

Hospitals have seen another implication of the web by using mobile apps. This allows providers not to be in the room to view a patients overall status. These mobile apps show doctors live data such as blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, and list of prescription drugs that pertain to their patients (DeBenedette, 2013).
Currently RGH has difficulty with providers being accessible, especially during discharging a patient. The problem occurs when there are errors or misunderstanding between the departments and the provider is unavailable. Establishing mobile apps that integrate all departments and the provider will allow doctors to fix and adjust a patients discharge orders almost immediately. These mobile apps can be downloaded onto a tablet or mobile phone replacing the need to carry around a bulky laptop or having to find a desktop computer to adjust a patients order. As you can see Webinar and mobile applications are few of the opportunities that are being brought into effect with the use of the web but not the only ones.
One department that can benefit significantly would be the RGH’s pharmacy. Having pharmacist armed with handheld computer will allow them to provide many consultative services to physician, nurses, and patients. Hospital pharmacist manages a patient's medication therapy as part of the medical team. These mobile apps have proven to help the pharmacist build and track consultation records for individual patients. Pharmacists can also require the type of intervention required, such as screening for allergies or to ensure that an antibiotic is appropriate (Yacano, 2013).
With every good thing, there are risks. Risks for using the web in hospitals will increase as well. With this new technology, there is a risk of information being stolen. A patient’s record is now available with just a click of a button. A person’s most private medical information could be used in ways, which wasn’t intended.
The webinar is a problem because it limits itself to people who are computer savvy. If you’re not computer literate then you may struggle trying to use the webinar for trainings and much needed information. Within the health care field you will find employees who have been around for years not welcoming of the change. Many old school providers like the good old paper and pen. It will be difficult getting them to change over. Also, every presenter who uses technology during a presentation runs the risk of technical difficulties. This can cause a problem if participants have different internet speed and software compatibilities. Corporate firewalls can block access to webinars preventing participants from downloading information (DePalma, 2008).
The information for e-records has to be input by someone, and we are all humans. There can be typos, and errors. Wrong diagnosis can be entered in. Information can be placed into the wrong patients medical records. This causes a risk for the providers...

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