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Strategy Management Essay

1121 words - 5 pages

This individual assignment will be assessed by means of a 3,000 word report. The assignment has been designed to allow you to develop and use your knowledge and skills in understanding key strategic issues relating to the design and marketing of high quality sports shoes and clothing in a global industry. You will be required to apply the strategic concepts and analytical techniques studied in this module. All the learning outcomes below will be assessed:
1. Ability to analyse the complexity of organisations and their environments
2. Demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of the relationships between an organisation and its environment
3. Ability to evaluate ...view middle of the document...

You must also submit a CD or DVD Rom containing an electronic version of the report. This should be clearly labelled with your name, your course and the name of the case study.
It is recommended that you research information additional to the case study to support your arguments. This may be obtained from a diverse range of sources and you are encouraged to research the issues in whichever way you deem appropriate.

Assessment Criteria
In the event of failing this individual assignment, normal referral / deferral procedures will apply. This assignment carries a weighting of 100%. The assessment will focus on the level of ANALYSIS carried out. That is, the application of THEORETICAL CONCEPTS studied in the module to the ‘practical’ case study presented. In other words, you should proceed beyond a DESCRIPTION of the company and its a
ctions. You should be analysing ‘why’ rather than describing ‘what’. The assignment will be assessed and moderated by the module team in accordance with the marks allocated to each of the questions detailed below. 10% of the marks are set aside for the ‘report style’ criteria.

Academic Rigour
• your ability to isolate the key strategic issues
• the coherence and depth of the analysis of those issues
• the ability to analyse the strategy context within which companies operate
• the ability to critically review and evaluate strategic decisions made by companies

• the use of relevant evidence, from material provided and personal research to support any statements made
• the appropriateness of the methods used and theoretical models and frameworks applied
• the breadth and depth of research undertaken

Evaluation of data
• the ability to make sound recommendations or conclusions arising from the analysis
• the soundness of arguments put forward

Format of Report
• the summary of arguments
• report layout and format
• use of illustrative material and evidence to support arguments
• the appropriateness of length
• the quantity and accuracy of referencing

In 2000 Nike enjoyed 45% of a global market share, and had close to $9 billion dollars of sales and put Knight among the top ten richest individuals in the United States. The company directly employed 20,000 people, but had a workforce of an estimated half a million labouring for them in 565 contract factories in 46 countries – making it one of the largest private company de facto employers in the world (De Wit and Meyer 2004).


• You are expected to use the information in the...

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