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Strategy And Research Paper

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According to the definition from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, stress is defined as a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation. More than two-thirds of Americans are willing to look for help with stress management (APA Survey 2004). What are the major sources of stress and the ultimate techniques to help reduce one’s stress level? The study by Ross, Shannon and colleagues in 1999 helped bring better understanding about sources of stress among 100 students at a Midwestern university and hoped to be the first step for creating stress management programs appropriate for college students. College ...view middle of the document...

Since the starting of the new school, with new professors and classmates come new expectation and school loads, I often find myself facing anxiety attacks due to stress from school. The purpose of this research paper is to explore and understand the sources of stress and how to manage the school related stress.
In an article titled Sources of Stress Among College Students published in the College Student Journal, June, 1999, Shannon E. Ross, Bradley C. Niebling, and Teresa M. Heckert created and utilized the Student Stress Survey (SSS) to determine the major sources of stress among the 100 students at a mid-sized, Midwestern university. The participated students varied in year in school, age, gender, and major. The SSS is a scale of 40 potentially stressful situations addressed interpersonal, intrapersonal, academic, and environmental sources of stress. The SSS scale also had two sub-categories: daily hassles and major life events, which each item should be classified under. The survey showed that among this group of students, daily hassles were reported more often than major life events, with intrapersonal sources of stress being the most frequently reported source. This survey also reported the top five sources of stress listed by the 100 participants were; change in sleeping habits (89%), vacations/breaks (82%), and change in eating habits (74%), increased work load (73%), and new responsibilities (73%). (Ross, The authors also brought to attention the interesting fact that data for the study was collected in the Spring Semester, most college students would be planning for their spring break trips. Therefore, stress scores could possibly differentiate if taken during different times in a school year. The first semeseter of school students often find themselves trying hard to accomplish their class assignments, and study for exams. Upon winter break students try to plan next semester’s schedule and out of state students find flights home. The authors of the study were hoping their findings to be the first step of...

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