Strategies For Decision Making: Definition Of Critical Thinking

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Strategies For Decision Making: Definition Of Critical Thinking


Conceptualizing- If you have an idea for something, or if you understand something fully, you conceptualize it.
Analyzing-Is to study or examine something carefully in a methodical way. Synthesizing- The combining of two or more things to create something more complex.

Definitions in My Own Words
Critical Thinking- When an individual can analyze a situation or problem gathers all information and makes an informed decision.
Conceptualizing- Thinking of an idea or concept.
Analyzing-To thoroughly look over something.
Synthesizing- When more than one idea is combined

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Analyzing is the constant study or examining of something.
I receive new Motorola Radio equipment into my warehouse on a monthly basis. When these shipments are received, I analyze all shipping documentation, to verify that the shipment is being delivered to correct requestor, correct quantity was received and that all serial number items match the received shipping documentation, prior to signing for equipment.

When something is combined to create something more efficient.
When I was in the U.S. Army, I was part of a Tiger Team which was setup to bring knowledge and expertise to improve the ULLS-S4 system, which is a property management and requisitioning system. The ULLS-S4 was an old and outdated system that was being used by all Unit Supply Sergeants at the time. This desktop system was very bulky, heavy, cumbersome, not user friendly and was utilizing MS-DOS operating systems.
I for one found out how this system was not what one needed when a no notice deployment arise. This is what I faced pre 9/11, when the call came for me to deploy to Saudi Arabia. It was during this time that I grew beyond frustrated with this ULLS-S4 System.
In 2000, I was selected to be a part of this Tiger Team to improve the ULLS-S4 System. I went to Ft. Lee, VA for about 6 months along with other members of the team, where...

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