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Strategic Resource Management In Global Environments

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Strategic Resource Management in Global Environments

General Electric, or GE, is one of the most innovative companies in the world and leading U.S. manufacturing company that primarily specializes in the Engineering Industry. GE can trace their lineage back to when they were founded in 1892 with Thomas Edison as one of their four founders. In 1896, General Electric was one of the original 12 companies listed on the then newly formed Dow Jones Industrial Average and is the only company out of the 12 to still be listed on the Dow index. GE serves the entire world with operations in more than 140 countries across the globe with over 305,000 employees globally. With products from appliances ...view middle of the document...

The United States is their primary source of human capital and where GE has invested the most in terms of developing their human capital. The Jack F. Welch Leadership Center located in Crotonville, NY is embedded in GE culture and the GE values. Thousands of customers and GE employees in all different levels of in the company has the opportunity to come here for leadership training. For employees unable to attend in Crotonville, NY, GE offers leadership courses around the world for thousands more employees. This directly embodies their vision to ensure that GE maintains its position as the preeminent company for leadership development and investment in human capital (Fact, 2013; GE, 2006; University, n.d.).

With Turkey and GE’s Human Capital, it will be all about aligning the appropriate divisions with the strengths of the human capital in Turkey. Turkey’s key sectors are concentrated in construction, automotive, energy and utilities, transportation and logistics, healthcare and banking. GE will be able to exploit the experience in these sectors to immerse their brand in Turkey. This will be a great opportunity for GE to leverage the local talent with their electrical distribution, energy, gas, oil, healthcare, and finance divisions. However, GE will need to maintain control on the mid and upper level management positions with possible foreign individuals leading these areas as there is a lack of experience with the emerging technology (Turkey, 2013).

Mexico offers an attractive business environment and one of the world’s largest free trade agreement networks. With highly developed economic sectors, Mexico has strong and dynamic manufacturing industries that will provide GE with exceptional human capital capable. Mexico already has strong foreign direct investment in the automotive, manufacturing, aviation, and IT industries to which will benefit GE when choosing what divisions of GE to place in Mexico. GE will be able to leverage the local talent at various levels to include management within Mexico because of a large talent pool with a lot of experience in the manufacturing industry. This is evident with the amount of open positions and type of positions currently available in Mexico (Mexico, 2013; Opportunities, 2013).

With France’s economy returning to a positive outlook, the human capital for GE in France is promising. While France tends to be known as a premier fashion capital, they do have seasoned experience in the manufacturing of goods in the auto, electronics, and machinery. The majority of French manufacturing firms are small in size while foreign competition has increased with further foreign investment. Therefore, GE will have to focus in developing employees and managers in France with possible outside leaders directing the overall day-to-day operations. The only downside to French human capital is that they are widely seen as being cautious when approaching innovations that do not...

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