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One of the most demonstrated and an innovative firm in the world is Apple Inc. Apple Inc. is an American company which is a multinational corporation. The headquarter of Apple Inc. is located in Cupertino, California. This company has expertise in developing, designing and selling personal computers, and computer software and consumer electronics. Macintosh, the iPod, and the iPhone are the best-known hardware products of this firm (wiki).
Steven Paul Jobs was born on 24 February 1955, in San Francisco, California, was an American entrepreneur, marketer. Stephen Wozniak was born on 11 August 1950, was an American electrical engineer (wikipedia). ...view middle of the document...

Wozniak who was working with HP also, quit his job to join Apple after their first sales revenue. As a general purpose computer, Apple II was launched in later 1977 at West Coast Computer Fair in San Francisco. Apple II had color graphics and also color video monitor. This computer was also a successful computer by yielding high sales at that time. After 3 years in 1980 Apple III was introduced having eight applications and its price was dependent on its configuration. Due to technical problems, it was withdrawn from the market and relaunched again in 1981, having an updated software system and by setting the lower price as compared to the previous version. This PC didn’t get success in the market. Relaunching of Apple III again forced them to bring innovative features in it, hand-held mouse and graphic user interface (GUI). These features make that PC famous at that time but its high price prevented high sales.
After introducing these three Apple computers Jobs thought out of the box and decided to introduce new operating system as well as a new computer. This creativity brought Macintosh (Mac) on the market in 1984. And its operating system can run on all Apple computers but it was not compatible as compared to IBM PCs’.
Jobs’ left Apple in 1985 due to Macs because he used many resources to build Mac but its sale was quite low and he was criticized for that decision. The projected units were high in number as compared to selling out units. Jobs joined NeXT whose target audience were students. And this company groomed after eight unsuccessful years. On the other hand, Apple Inc. was declining due to increase in competition. And their market share was dropped from 11 percent to 5.3 percent in ten years.
In 1996, Apple purchased NeXT and Steve Jobs became an advisor to Apple Inc. in 1997, Apple earned a profit in last three-quarters and after one year Jobs became an interim CEO. In mid-1998, Jobs introduced iMac which was a successful product as its sales were 2 million units. After becoming CEO in early 2000 is focus was on regaining market share of Apple Inc. On January 2001, Apple introduced the first edition of iTunes and later iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV were also introduced through which Apple Inc. got the ability to compete in the on-demand digital media market.
On November 10, 1997, a creative idea to sell products online may lead to increase in sales and revenue...

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