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Strategic Plan Part One
“A Taste for All” will open its doors in the immediate future. That name was picked because it will be a restaurant in the middle of Montgomery, Alabama and will have dishes from around the world. Our mission at A Taste for All is: We strive to efficiently provide high quality and an expanded array of fine foods to meet and exceed customer expectations. This restaurant will have extensive training so the best customer experience will be the outcome. The customer will be put first of a dining experience that will not be forgotten.
The vision statement tells what the goals of the company are in the future. The vision is: At A Taste for All, we envision to be the best ...view middle of the document...

Going global will be one of the toughest things to do because each country has different laws. It would be a great advantage to show people across the world how other cultures prepare meals and how they taste.
Values are what the company believes in. Basically, it is what something is worth to the company. There are three main categories of values. They are culture, social responsibility, and ethics. Here are the company’s values:
* Provide high quality food
* Superior customer service
* Integrity
* Environmentally safe
* Diversity
* Giving back
* Profitability
Every culture is different. What one culture think is right; the next one will think is wrong. The company will have a dish from each culture. It is important to have different decorations of each culture. There should be different cultural music, drawings, and pictures to give a one of a kind dining experience while eating. Religion is a major factor in culture. It is so easy to be misunderstood or upset someone. It is important to take each aspect of culture into consideration. Social responsibility is an important aspect as well. Giving back to the local communities will show customers that A Taste for All really does care. The restaurant will pick one day out of the month that 20% of all income will be donated to a local charity or church. Also, the food that is edible and left over at the end of the night should be donated to a local food bank instead of just thrown away. This will make that day extremely busy. The company will recycle all napkins and use cleaners that have no CFCs. To-go containers will be made out of recycled containers and will also be able to be recycled again. Ethics is an important aspect of a company also. A company should always do what is right. Sometimes that doing what is right will not be as profitable but customers will see this and they will keep coming back because the company did what was right instead of what was profitable.
The vision, mission, and values of the company...

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