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Strategic Hrm Essay

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Human Resource



Part 1 | Introduction
Chapter 1

Introduction to Human Resource Management
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PowerPoint Presentation by Charlie Cook
The University of West Alabama

Human Resource Management at

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Basic HR Concepts

• The bottom line of managing:
Getting results

• What Is Human Resource Management
– The policies and practices involved in carrying out
the “people” or human resource aspects of a
management position, including recruiting,
screening, ...view middle of the document...

High-Performance Work System

Line Managers’ HRM Responsibilities

Starting new employees in the organization (orientation)


Training employees for jobs that are new to them


Improving the job performance of each person


Gaining creative cooperation and developing smooth working


Interpreting the firm’s policies and procedures


Controlling labor costs


Developing the abilities of each person


Placing the right person on the right job


Creating and maintaining department morale

10. Protecting employees’ health and physical condition
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Employment security
Selective hiring
Extensive training
Self-managed teams/decentralized decision making
Reduced status distinctions
Information sharing
Contingent (pay-for-performance) rewards
Transformational leadership
Measurement of management practices
Emphasis on high-quality work
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Benefits of a High-Performance
Work System (HPWS)

Measuring HR’s Contribution

• The HR Scorecard

• Generate more job applicants

– Shows the quantitative standards,
or “metrics” the firm uses to
measure HR activities.

• Screen candidates more effectively
• Provide more and better training
• Link pay more explicitly to performance

– Measures the employee
behaviors resulting from these

• Provide a safer work environment
• Produce more qualified applicants per position
• Hiring...

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