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Str 581 Capstone Final Examination Part Two Uop Complete Course Tutorials

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STR 581 Capstone Final Examination Part Two UOP Complete Course Tutorials

1. Internal reports that review the actual impact of decisions are prepared by:
• the controller
• department heads
• factory workers
• management accountants
2. Horizontal analysis is also known as:
• trend analysis
• vertical analysis
• linear analysis
• common size analysis
3. Which of the following is an advantage of corporations relative to partnerships and sole proprietorships?
• most common form of organization
• reduced legal liability for investors
• lower taxes
• harder to transfer ownership
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00. It expects to increase its dividend by $0.25 in each of the following three years. If their required rate of return if 14 percent, what is the present value of their dividends over the next four years?
• $12.50
• $11.63
• $9.72
• $13.50
9. An activity that has a direct cause-effect relationship with the resources consumed is a(n):
• product activity
• cost driver
• cost pool
• overhead rate
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10. The major element in budgetary control is:
• the approval of the budget by the stockholders
• the valuation of inventories
• the preparation of long-term plans
• the comparison of actual results with planned objectives.
11. Tule Time Comics is considering a new show that will generate annual cash flows of $100,000 into the infinite future. If the initial outlay for such a production is $1,500,000 and the appropriate discount rate is 6 percent for the cash flows, then what is the profitability index for the project?
• 0.11
• 1.11
• 0.90
• 1.90
12. How firms estimate their cost of capital: The WACC for a firm is 13.00 percent. You know that the firm’s cost of debt capital is 10 percent and the cost of equity capital is 20% What proportion of the firm is financed with debt?
• 70%
• 50%
• 33%
• 30%
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13. The most important information needed to determine if companies can pay their current obligations is the:
• relationship between current assets and current liabilities
• relationship between short-term and long-term liabilities
• projected net income for next year
• net income for this year
14. Process costing is used when:
• dissimilar products are involved
• production is aimed at fulfilling a specific customer order.
• the production process is continuous.
• costs are to be assigned to specific jobs.
15. A cost which remains constant per unit at various levels of activity is a:
• fixed cost
• mixed cost
• manufacturing cost
• variable cost
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16.The group of users of accounting information charged with achieving the goals of the business is its:
• investors
• auditors
• creditors
• managers
17. Teakap, Inc. has current assets of $1,456,312 and total assets of $4,812,369 for the year ending September 30, 2006. It also has current liabilities of $1,041,012, common equity of $1,500,000 and retained earnings of $1,468,347. How much long-term debt does the firm have?
• $803,010
• $2,303,010
• $1,844,022
• $2,123,612
18. The cash conversion cycle?
• begins when the firm invests cash to purchase the raw materials that would be used to produce the goods that the firm manufactures.
• estimates how long it takes on average for the firm to...

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