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Story Essay

1458 words - 6 pages

Zarqa Private University
Faculty of Art
Candidate: Yasmin Mahmoud
Research Proposal

Indicative Title: Corruption and Evil in Human Nature: Analysing How Crisis Affects Human Nature in "Lord of the Flies" and "Blindness"

Aim of the Study:
The aim of the study is to highlight the roots of evil in human nature, and how crisis can change a lot of things in a human being when it strikes by analysing two novels: "Lord of the Flies" and "Blindness".

"Lord of the Flies" tackles the theme of human nature. Throughout the novel, William Golding illustrates how sick and twisted human nature can get when faced by crisis. On the other hand, "Blindness" which is a novel by the ...view middle of the document...

The boys, who supposedly, come from a sophisticated background try at first to manage their lives on the island by setting rules. They even choose a leader by voting, which is a sign of democracy. But after a while, the rebellious nature of some of the boys leads the whole group to drop their civilised nature and instead adopt savagery behaviors in order to survive. The savage behaviors develop from killing pigs to killing each other without any feeling of guilt. The novel, as mentioned before, highlights the evil nature in human beings that needs only the right chance to surface and overwhelm the mask of civilisation.

The second novel is Blindness. This book was written by the Protégées writer Jose Saramgo and was published in 1995. The novel tells the story of a city that is hit by a sudden epidemic of white blindness. Blindness does not affect everyone at the same time. It rather creeps slowly targeting people one by one. As a result, the Government of the city isolates the blind people in an old hospital where they set their own rules and choose their own leader. After a period of time, the number of the affected people increases and new members join. The new members are nothing but gangsters who try to dominate the other group of the old blind residents. The gangsters kill, rape, steal and destroy in order to take over.
The novel emphasizes the idea that the human being is naturally evil, and this evil surfaces when crisis hits. The crisis here is blindness spreading like plague. The instinct of survival overwhelms and at the end it turns to be a heated race between the blind, and survival is for sure for the fittest.

The two novels intersect in the theme of evil in the human nature. Both writers try to highlight this topic by creating events that jeopardize lives of characters and test their morals and values. The failure of the characters to remain civilised prove what the writers aim at.

This study will focus on the corruption of the ordinary people when they are put at test, and how human nature tends to be evil when it is a life or death matter.

Research Question:
The main question of the study is: How does crisis affect human beings so to reveal the evil nature within?
From the main focus question a number of other sub-questions can be inferred:
1- To what extent does the Darwinian Theory "Survival of the Fittest" can be applied?

2- Are there any exceptions to this theme?

3- How does economy affect human nature negatively?

4- Can politics and wars be blamed in stimulating the instinct of survival so savagely in human beings?

Theoretical Perspective:

Many researchers have applied the Darwinian Theory "Survival of the Fittest" on "Lord of the Flies", this study focuses on applying this theory on the novel of "Blindness". The two novels share the notion of the striving struggle of the characters to survive despite the harsh circumstances, and how many of them fail to make it to the...

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