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Storage Essay

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Increasing necessity of e-mail, Internet resources etc, offers serious security concerns. Biometrics is replacing passwords. Biometrics can be defined as recognizing and identifying a person based on physiological or behavioural characteristics.

Unlike the skin, through which near-infrared light passes, deoxygenated haemoglobin in the blood flowing through the veins absorbs near-infrared rays, causing it to be visible as black regions to the scanner. Arteries and capillaries, whose blood contains oxygenated haemoglobin, which does not absorb near-infrared light, are invisible to the sensor, hence we chosen “VEINS”.

Fujitsu research is the one main company which has come up with first basis of “PALM VEIN TECHNOLOGY".

Reflection photography:

There are two types of ...view middle of the document...

3. Owner authentication.

4. Attendance authentication.

Pal vein authentication:

Palm vein authentication uses the vascular patterns of an individual’s palm as personal identification data.
Compared with a finger [1] or the back of a hand, a palm has a broader and more complicated vascular pattern and thus contains a wealth of differentiating features for personal identification. The palm is an ideal part of the body for this technology; it normally does not have hair which can be an obstacle for photographing the blood vessel pattern, and it is less susceptible to a change in skin color, unlike a finger or the back of a hand.


Fig.1. Visible ray image Fig. 2. Infrared ray image Fig. 3. Extracted vein pattern Fig. 4. Palm vein sensor

2. Implementation of contactless palm vein authentication
The contactless palm vein authentication technology consists of image sensing and software technology. The palm vein sensor captures an infrared ray image of the user’s palm. The lighting of the infrared ray is controlled depending on the illumination around the sensor, and the sensor is able to capture the palm image regardless of the position and movement of the palm. The software then matches the translated vein pattern with the registered pattern, while measuring the position and orientation of the palm by a pattern matching method.
3. Result of experiments
As a result of the Fujitsu research using data from 140,000 palms (70,000 individuals), Fujitsu has confirmed that the FAR is 0.00008% and the FRR is 0.01%, with the following condition: a person must hold the palm over the sensor for three scans during registration, and then only one final scan is permitted to confirm authentication.
4. Practical applications
4.1 Product development geared toward financial solutions

4.2 Access control device using palm vein authentication

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