Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Night

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This poem at first glance is a simple depiction of someone on a beautiful winter journey and is often taken for granted. When studied closely it offers many interpretations using lovely and inviting descriptions of a beautiful picture but through dark elements of a cold, wintry scene lends a vast inventory of possible meanings. This poem reminds us of wanting to enjoy pleasures in life but concludes with the responsibilities and obligations of reality that awaits us.

The first stanza tells us of a beautiful and tranquil setting laced with dark indications through interpretation by the reader. The reader envisions and is attracted to a perfect landscape with snow ...view middle of the document...

This state of solitude requires decisions. Many times a simple reminder of the direction needed will assist in determining which path is taken as referenced in the poem by the horses gestures.

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening draws the reader to one’s simple and delightful encounter with nature. The title in itself can offer the interpretation of the reader as simply a peaceful and desirable place, or represent ordinary people who have unnoticed beauty or importance that goes ignored by others around them. The title of the poem gives an invitation and lures the reader. The reader becomes inquisitive of what is special about woods on a snowy evening or why stop. It sets the reader up to explore the narrators story and opens the interpretation for each reader to apply individually.

Theme of Poem
Though the poem paints a peaceful and simple journey, inviting the reader to be engulfed in such beauty and or enjoyment, reminds us that life is full of obligations yet to be faced and dealt with. The reader is also reminded that along the path are many choices to be made and even when necessary reminders of ’the right thing to do’ as is indicative with the horse’s harness bells shaking and the pull...

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