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Steroids Essay

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There is a kind of three phases, when these 3 phases are done, you would be addicted to it, but probably not the steroids, but addicted to your body, which wouldn’t have been there if you didn’t use steroids.
Different types of steroids
There is many different kinds of steroids, but anadrol, dianabol and sustanon are all three steroids which make your body growth, and muscles bigger.
Why do they take steroids?
Some people do it ...view middle of the document...

There’s also some people who do it, to look strong, but doesn’t really do any sport at all, they just want their body to grow.
Why is it a problem?
It’s a problem if a sports guy do it, because he ruins his career, if he get busted. He will also probably banned from the sport, of some kind.
Your body can’t resist to get reactions, but your body will be ruined by taking steroids, and by that, it’s the internal organs, that are getting ruined, so when you get addicted, your body is already ruined.
When their body is ruined, by the inside, the will get busted some day, and when they are busted, their career is ruined, and get banned for 2 years unpaid
How can we solve this problem?
Whenever they get busted, they could get a severe penalty, instead of 2 years away from the sport unpaid, in my opinion they should have 3 years away from sport unpaid, and 6 month in jail, for taking steroids and ruining it for other people.
We could also just get rid of all the steroids by saying it’s illegal to sell and buy steroids.

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