Steps To Joining The United States Army

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September 11, 2011

Steps to Joining the United States Army

The steps to joining the U.S Army from your hometown recruiter station to the Army Basic Training. The first step to joining the U.S Army is contact the recruiter of the Army. The second step is to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. The last step to joining the U.S Army is to selecting a job in the Army. These are some of the steps to joining the U.S Army from hometown to Basic Training.
The first step of the process is to contact the Army recruiter. When you contact the recruiter he/she will ask what’s better for you to meet at him/her at the office or for ...view middle of the document...

Third is the step after the ASVAB scores your next step is going to Military Entrance Processing Station to select a job. The job selecting is base on military regulations and policies. The Military Entrance Processing Station conducts a medical evaluation. The medical evaluation is conduct before you can go to select a job. The good health evaluation is conducted to see if you qualify for some jobs in Army that require good health.
Last is when you first leave home to the first duty of triaining you end the process of joining process for the United States Army. The mission is to change the recruits into an Army soldier that are the days when recruits arrived at basic training to learn just the fundamentals of weaponry, how to fight from a foxhole, how to march in parade formations and a mere three days in the field. The U.S. Army is not a hard branch of the military service. The U.S. Army teach the young men and women the benefit of responsibility as adult. Some that go the...

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