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Stephanie Says The Velvet Underground Song Analysis

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Stephanie Says- The Velvet Underground Song Analysis

The writer of the song seems to be talking about a girl who’s looking for answers; she’s confused and doesn’t really know what’s happening around her. Although this is not wrong there seems to be more to this girl- Stephanie – than meets the eye.
Stephanie feels like she has wasted her life doing what people told her to do and following others without acknowledging her desires. This girl just wants to be herself but doesn’t know how. She wonders why she is the way she is and knows that she’s being foolish but doesn’t know how to stop. She’s stuck in a never-ending cycle. She watches life go by, feeling like she is not a part of ...view middle of the document...

The biggest factor that helps this song’s placid tone is the tender voice of the singer and the easy-going melody that flows through our ears. The author is peaceful. He’s signing like he has the smallest hint of a smile on his face, as if he had feelings for this girl and now after years has passed, he smiles a little when she runs through his mind. So now he shares Stephanie’s story to keep her eternal with a bedtime story like manner. For a moment in the midst of the story, we imagine our selves next to Stephanie guiding her through the worlds she’s stuck in between. Despite the fact that there is not a specific ending to the girls tale we get a feeling that she has met her end but we don’t feel bad for her in fact the opposite, we feel relaxed now that she’s free of herself.
The song is an ode to Stephanie from the singer himself and since during her life time no one has ever really cared for her the singer repeats the phrase “Stephanie says” multiple times, trying to put the attention on Stephanie. He underlines this phrase so that the audience can realize the words that follow are Stephanie’s own and for once, whether she knows it or not, someone cares and someone’s listening. The chorus of the song keeps reminding the audience of Stephanie’s problem, which is feeling like she doesn’t belong and the fact that she kept going in and out of reality. This part also accentuates her suicidal feelings by saying she didn’t fear death. Another phrase that’s repeated is “She wants to know”. This stresses her confusion and uncertainty, she doesn’t know and she would like to. She has questions about herself and the world around...

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