Stem Cell Treatment Essay

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Topic: Stem Cell Treatment in Cancer

Introduction: (ends with the thesis) A brief description of the technology and an explanation of the associated science - Cornelious

What are stem cells? Stem cells are immature cells that have the potential to become any type of cell in the body. These cells can act as a repair system, by having the ability to divide and multiply to replenish other body cells that have been damaged or loss. Stem cell research has been hailed for the ...view middle of the document...

First to find cure

1. Extra funding money

a. Create spin off jobs

b. Create start up jobs

2. Prestige

B. Save Money on treatment

1. Less Medications

2. Shorter hospital stay

3. Save on Medicaid

C. Improve Health

1. Increase productivity

2. Longer Lives

IV. Third Main Point: Lupe
Psychological considerations and sociological effects
A. Psychological considerations
1. Ethical and political concerns
2. Existing federal regulatory and professional control mechanisms
3. Patient’s concerns such as uncertainty regarding treatment outcome, recurrence, morality, etc.
4. Does increased public understanding of stem cell research increase public support?
B. Sociological effects
1. Medical benefits availability
2. Destruction of embryos can be bad for society
3. Destruction of embryos that have a disability or disorder
4. Sacrificing embryonic humans for the good of other human beings

V. Third Main Point: Lupe
The technology in its cultural context, media influence
A. Stem cell technology in its cultural context
1. Stem cell derivation from embryos and adults
2. Embryos created for research
3. Clinical perspective
B. Media influence
1. Focus on ethical debate
2. Theoretical debates and policy

VI. Third Main Point: Marvin
Implications for the environment
A. Patients’ Quality of life
1. Quality of life as it is without stem...

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