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Stem Cell Research Essay

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Katherine Soroj, a dermatologist, is suffering from Alzheimer’s. She has two sons and a daughter along with her loving husband. Her family has to see her suffer from the disease on the daily and they pray to God that one day she will be cured. With future research of stem cells, she can be cured. Stem cells are a large focus of research in today’s biomedical society. Stem cell research should be supported and funded by the United States. It is important for us alal to be informed with the reasons why stem cell research should be supported because it can save yours or someone you loves life in the future. Today I want to share with you all the background of stem cell research, the benefits of ...view middle of the document...

Which is why I believe that pursuing further research would be worth the price to pay. Adult stem cells are an example of another source in which stem cells can be found. In this case the stem cells are derived from bone marrow and fat. However adult stem cells do not merely have the same advantages as embryonic stem cells do. The embryos that are used for this method in medical society come from eggs that are fertilized at vitro fertilization clinics. As some may be concerned, they are never actually inside the woman’s uterus. Stem cells are donated with consent and are able to live in a laboratory in test tube.

Now that I’ve explained what exactly stem cell research is I want to discuss the benefits of researching stem cells. In order to take a stance on this controversy, one must understand the concept of stem cells. The reason why a stem cell is so beneficial to a human is because it is undifferentiated; this means that this cell has no specific function. However, this cell can be specialized into something useful to the human by placing it around any other specialized cell, which is a cell with an exact function. Although there are other resources to obtain these stem cells, the embryonic stem cell is the most useful and has the highest success rate.

In a study done on mice, by Blurton-Jones and others in 2009, it was found that the neural stem cells do improve cognitive function in the mice despite altering the brain in the mice. As stated in the article, the findings from the study demonstrate that neural stem cells can improve complex behavioral deficits associated with widespread Alzheimer disease. Although this study does not show evidence directly on a human, it does however prove that stem cells show improvement to damaged brains that alter actions in mice. Like I mentioned previously, the main issue with stem cell research is the issue of morality. Which is not worth the potential of the hundred of thousands of lives that can be saved from stem cells.

In the article “Embryonic Stem Cell Research: An Ethical Dilemma,” Hug, a Ph.D student in the Department of Medical Ethics at Lund University, informs that although embryonic stem cell research can lead to new discoveries of cures for certain diseases, it destroys the early embryo which is killing a human life. Some individuals are reluctant on the fact the only God...

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