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Stealing Essay

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Bar Mitzvah is an expression that means “subject to the commandments,” meaning that an individual is old enough to take personal responsibility for fulfilling and celebrating the laws of the Torah.  This traditionally occurs in his 13th year. By reading from the Torah, saying the blessing for the reading, and by helping to lead the service, the Bar Mitzvah will show he has acquired the knowledge and skill to accept this responsibility and its privileges.
Becoming a Bar Mitzvah is not itself a religious service. That is, the Sabbath services are not being conducted because of the Bar Mitzvah. The reverse is true: The boy marks ...view middle of the document...

When each part is read, a person is honored by being called to recite a blessing before and after the reading. The Bar Mitavah Boyl will read the final portion and chant an additional reading, called a Haftarah, from the book of the Prophets. He will also conduct the final portion of the service.
As Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin notes in his book, “Putting God on the Guest List”, the Bar Mitzvah is a confirmation of character development. We do not just want to teach our Bar Mitzvah students how to say a blessing and lead a service. We want to teach them to "be a blessing." We want them to carry goodness and a sense of fairness with them in their lives. As a young man becomes a Bar Mitzvah, he participates in a tradition that began over 3,500 years ago. We hope you will be able to join us for this very special celebration.
Tifereth Israel conducts an egalatarin service, with men and women participating equally. All men entering the synagogue are requested to wear a Kippah (skull cap) as a sign of respect for God. These are provided at the synagogue. Jewish men also wear a Tallit (prayer shawl). These are not worn by childern or by non-Jewish guests. The Sabbath service begins at 9am, however, WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU ARRIVE NO LATER THAN 9:45am TO SEE THE BEGINNING OF THE TORAH SERVICE.
From its beginning 6,000 years ago, Judaism has always had a belief in a Supreme Being, and that people can communicate with it through prayer and worship. The God Jews believe created the world is also concerned with how people conduct themselves today.
Through the Torah, God has conveyed his will to humanity. The Torah is the holiest object of the Jewish people. Each Torah scroll is made of sheepskin (parchment) with handwritten Hebrew calligraphy, and contains the first five books in the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Overall, Torah refers to all Jewish teachings.
The Torah conveys in detail how people are to conduct their lives, and it places heavy demands on Jews to uphold God’s will and teachings through their actions. The entire Torah is read over the course of each year.
There are many rules regarding how the Torah is transcribed, including the length of lines, lines per column, and columns per sheet. It takes about one year for an experienced scribe to create a new Torah. If even the smallest mistake is made on a page, the page must be stored until it is buried in a Jewish cemetary. Every Torah scroll is letter for letter identical to all others. Reading a Torah scroll is quite a challenge; it has no vowels, punctuation, or notes to guide the reader.

Shabbat, or Sabbath, is the period from sundown on Friday evening, until sundown on Saturday night when “at least 3 stars are visible in the sky”. In distinct contrast to the rest of the week, it is a time of rest, joy, prayer, and study. Shabbat is an assurance that the spirit is greater than the universe –...

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