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Statue Of Liberty Essay

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Today I watch a movie called “statue of liberty”. It is a greatest movie I ever see because it is significant and symbolization. Out of all America’s symbols, none has proved more enduring or evocative than the statue of liberty. Statue of liberty, torch in right hand and clutching a stone tablet in the left hand, has for a century acted as ...view middle of the document...

Many people have different view of the word “liberty”. This word is come from French. It is also mean a lot to each American. It symbolizes U.S. is a freedom country. After building the base of statue, the fund is not enough to build the statue from bottom to top. The government is thinking about how to solve this problem. Suddenly, a news paper has post a article about donation to the statue of liberty. After that news paper come out, there are a huge number of people donate for the statue of liberty. This represent that people believe in the statue of liberty and they think the statue will bless them. Because the contribution is huge, the statue of liberty eventually finished to build. Many citizen are exciting about go up to the top of the statue and get a nice view from there. Then the government decides to open the statue of liberty as a landscaped area. There is long line every day since the statue of liberty is open for visit.

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