Statistics Assignment

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For Tasks 1-8, consider the following data:
7.2, 1.2, 1.8, 2.8, 18, -1.9, -0.1, -1.5, 13.0, 3.2, -1.1, 7.0, 0.5, 3.9, 2.1, 4.1, 6.5

In Tasks 1-8 you are asked to conduct some computations regarding this data. The computation should be carried out manually. All the steps that go into the computation should be presented and explained. (You may use R in order to verify your computation, but not as a substitute for conducting the manual computations.)
A Random Variable
In Tasks 9-18 you are asked to conduct some computations regarding a random variable.  Use the (incomplete) table below as the definition of this random variable (after you fill in the blank).  The sample space of a ...view middle of the document...

  Tasks 19-21 refer to the information in the file.
Submitting the Assignment
For the assignment you should complete the following tasks. Tasks 1-8 refer to the sequence of 17 data values presented above, Tasks 9-18 refer to the random variable and Tasks 19-XXX21 refer to the information of a population of computer parts that is stored in the file "pop3.csv". Your answers should be short and clear.
We recommend that you copy and paste the tasks below into the form titled "Submit your Assignment using this Form". You can then write you answers to the tasks in the designated positions that are marked in the text:
1.    Using the list of 17 numbers at the top of the page, the median of this data, rounded to two decimal places, is:


2.    If you find the median using the original method (paper and pencil), you have to arrange the values into numeric order (True/False).


3.    The interquartile range for this data is (round each value to 3 decimal places):


4.    The formula for calculating the interquartile range is_____________ (show the formula and a citation to the source that you used).

IQR = Q3 – Q1 (Yakir, 2011, p.33)

5.    Using techniques that we have studied in this course, the upper and lower cutoff points (rounded to three decimal places) for identifying outliers (in the given data sample) are: ________ and ________ (this is not a request to show any outliers--just the cutoff points that would determine what constitutes an outlier).  You may round to three decimal places.

-8.500 and 15.500

6.    The summary() command shows a list of outliers, if there are any (True/False):


7.    The list of outlier values is:_____________ (if there are none, write "NA").


8.    The standard deviation of the list of 17 numbers is (round to 3 decimal places):


A Random Variable:
9.    The missing probability value (under the number 4) in the random variable table above is:


10.     The sum of the probabilities in the second row...

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