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Keeping in mind that my undergraduate programme is shortly about to be completed in the coming few months, I realise that this is a crucial stage in my career where I should decide the direction in which to move forward. I have a great interest towards the industrial work environment and this is the reason I am looking to pursue graduate study. Added to this, are the factors that there have been huge changes in Design engineering and global industrialization in the recent times making the role of a mechanical engineer a very indispensable one. Being part of this rapidly burgeoning community has been my deepest desire. I pen down my Statement of Purpose with due reverence to the ...view middle of the document...

I chose Mechanical Engineering as my undergraduate major as I believed it had tremendous potential. Throughout my undergraduate programme, I’ve maintained an excellent academic record.
My undergraduate program has given me a wide and comprehensive exposure to numerous courses that I found interesting- namely, Kinematics of Machinery; Engineering Graphics; Design Engineering; Finite Element Analysis; Mechanics of Solids; Thermodynamics; Robotics. I strongly believe in learning practically by doing; it is the hope of coming up with path breaking results through experimentation that I find very fascinating. 
I took my study beyond just the four walls of my classroom- keeping myself occupied with numerous industrial visits. This helped me get a closer look at the application of various aspects of the subject. I presented ten technical papers at the national and state levels and also took responsibility of organizing various cultural, technical, and recreational events. I was elected the president of my Department, taking into...

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