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State Of Union Address Essay

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State of the Union Address Analysis
The following paper will discuss the recent 2011 State of the Union address as presented by President Barack Obama with particular regard to the implications the policies may have for African American Politics. Midway through his term, the address reconfirmed many of the policies presented previously. President Obama particularly emphasised the need for bipartisanship and respect for one another as a result of the recent Tucson tragedy. Democrats and Republicans intermingling in their seating displayed this. He called for all members of the “American family” to be “bound together as one people”. This is an important note when taking into account that of ...view middle of the document...

In today’s day and time, a high school education is no longer enough. In order to achieve this the Race to the Top program was introduced and has been proved to be successful. This is particularly meaningful for those African Americans who come from disadvantaged background where the schools are of low quality. Improving facilities will give more people a greater chance at succeeding and potentially assist in closing the gap in unemployment. In order to do so however, policies need to be more actively targeted towards the African American disadvantaged communities. In the same way, the suggested $10 000 tuition tax credit will also assist in allowing more students to complete higher education courses. In addition more and better quality research needs to be undertaken in areas such as “biomedical research, information technology and especially clean energy technology”.
It is becoming clearer that the nation’s energy needs to move away from traditional sources and that research into finding cleaner better forms is increasingly required. This realisation has been tied to President Obama’s push for innovation. In order to do so he promotes the...

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