Starwood Hotel And Resorts Call Center Networking

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Starwood Hotel and Resorts Call Center Networking
Starwood Hotels and resorts is one of the world’s largest hotel and leisure companies. The company owns thousands of Hotels and Resorts as well as seven call centers in which help keep everything running smoothly for the company. Of course this means there is an expansive network working to keep all this information flowing from every hotel and call center. This paper will focus on the network of the call center in Lancaster, California in which I used to work at as a customer service representative. First the paper will give an overview of the company. Then, a depiction of the network that is being used by the call center will be ...view middle of the document...

Now, we will discuss how the actual live system is networked. When helping guests find Hotels we are able to look up any hotel under the Starwood name anywhere in the world. So in order to maintain this connection the company has a LAN in each building as well as a Wide Area Network (WAN) the company would also include an Internetwork available in order to maintain communication. To connect with the call centers and hotels that are overseas the company would use an International Private Leased circuit (IPLC) which as stated by (2007) website “When the outsourced call center is located in another country, the LDCs in the two regions are connected through the International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC), which is an agreement that provides connectivity through cable or satellite on lease.” The network for the live system is a server based system. The call center building has a room in which holds all the servers that keep information on the bookings, cancellations, as well as the company’s loyalty program information.
I believe there may be a separate server in which holds information for the Human Resources Department. This information would be kept on a server in which only handles the LAN in the building. Keeping information on all the employees from their time sheets, to their daily statics on how many bookings they made as well as how many guest they were able to sign up for the loyalty system. Next, the topology as well as the wiring used for the call center will be discussed.
The topology used for the call center network would be an extended star topology. The star topology allows for the network to be changed without completely shutting down communication throughout the network. The star topology allows each computer to be connected to a central hub by its own cable. With this topology all computers can hear the signals sent. But a hub is used to direct the signal to the address of the computer it was meant for. Before the caller is actually connected to a representative they go through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The IVR technology used for the call centers specific needs is called Telephony...

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