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Standard Production System Essay

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This document describes the ITS Standard Production Support Plan. Service-specific details are defined in the appendix. Changes to this plan are not permitted unless negotiated and approved by signers referenced at the end of this document.

Support Overview

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● The Production Support Plan is defined as part of the turnover to operations process executed by the Service Transition Team.
● All new services or significant service changes must complete and participate in Early Life Support (see appendix), which is the first phase of production support when a service is turned over to a operational state.
● The ITS Service Center functions as the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all ITS services.
● Managers or lead roles associated with support groups are required to keep team information current in all supporting tools. Examples include the On Call/Call Back Schedule and ITSM support groups.
● All services are required to complete the service-specific template that is part of the production support planning effort.

Standard Plan Overview

|Event/Request |First Contact Support Group|Standard Business Hours |Contact Channels |After Hours Support Group |Escalation Path |Tool/Module Utilized |
|Event Monitoring |Data Center Operations |24 x 7 |Automated Alert |Varies |Data Center Tier 1 |ITSM/Incident |
| | | | | |Direct Event Notification |OCCB |
| | | | | |Tier 3 Support Group |Knowledge Base |
| | | | | |Tier 4 Vendor | |
|Service Request |Service Center Tier 1 |Current Published Service Center |Phone |N/A |Service Center Tier 2 |ITSM/Incident Management |
|(Enhancement/Training) | |Hours |E-mail | |Tier 3 Support Group | |
| | | |Self-Entry | |Tier 4 Vendor | |
|Service Order |Service Center Tier 1 |Current Published Service Center |Phone |N/A |Tier 3 Support Group |ITSM/Incident Management |
| | |Hours |E-mail | | | |
| | ...

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