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Stand And Deliver Essay

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Stand and Deliver
Stand and Deliver (1988) is a film about a teacher and a group of students who went above the expectations of everyone around them and all passed the AP exam. The concept of self-concept is very evident in this film. Self-concept is the “sum total of everything that encompasses the self- referential term ‘me’” (42). A person cannot isolate themselves and develop a self-concept. It is built around social communication; it has to grow from interpersonal communication.
The film is based in East Los Angeles, not a place where you want to walk in the streets alone. There, all of the students live and go to school at Garfield High School. Because they live in such an ...view middle of the document...

Education, which was once a joke to them, is now their priority.
One of the characters in the film was the Finger Man. I forget what his actual name is but he is a good example for self-concept. He is seen as the leader for a group of students in the school, known to be bad apples. He sees himself as a leader because his “friends” follow him around and protect him. Pancho is another character I want to look at briefly. He is seen as a car mechanic in the film. There was one point of the movie where Mr. Escalante asked Pancho to solve a problem on the board. Pancho couldn’t solve it and got mad. He said, “Everyone knows that I’m the dumbest, I can’t handle calculus.” This is a prime example of self-concept. All his classmates thought he was dumb and there he was, showing that he himself believed it too.
Another concept I want to address is self-esteem. Self-esteem is the evaluative element of self-perception; it is self-appraisal-the sum of all your self-schemas-your perception of self-worth, attractiveness, and social competence (44). There are many influences on self-esteem, one of them being reflected appraisal. Reflected appraisal is the messages you receive from others that assess your self-concept (44). During one scene of the film, Mr. Escalante picks on Angel Guzman to answer a very simple question on the board. Guzman doesn’t really...

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