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E-Store Project
Software Requirements Specification

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3.1.20 Online Purchase of products. 11
3.2 Usability 11
3.2.1 Graphical User Interface 11
3.2.2 Accessibility 11
3.3 Reliability & Availability 11
3.3.1 Back-end Internal Computers 11
3.3.2 Internet Service Provider 11
3.4 Performance 12
3.5 Security 12
3.5.1 Data Transfer 12
3.5.2 Data Storage 12
3.6 Supportability 13
3.6.1 Configuration Management Tool 13
3.7 Design Constraints 13
3.7.1 Standard Development Tools 13
3.7.2 Web Based Product 13
3.8 On-line User Documentation and Help System Requirements 13
3.9 Purchased Components 13
3.10 Interfaces 14
3.10.1 User Interfaces 14
3.10.2 Hardware Interfaces 14
3.10.3 Software Interfaces 14
3.10.4 Communications Interfaces 15
3.11 Licensing Requirements 15
3.12 Legal, Copyright, and Other Notices 15
3.13 Applicable Standards 15

4. Supporting Information 15
Software Requirements Specification


The introduction of the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) provides an overview of the entire SRS with purpose, scope, definitions, acronyms, abbreviations, references and overview of the SRS. The aim of this document is to gather and analyze and give an in-depth insight of the complete Marvel Electronics and Home Entertainment software system by defining the problem statement in detail. Nevertheless, it also concentrates on the capabilities required by stakeholders and their needs while defining high-level product features. The detailed requirements of the Marvel Electronics and Home Entertainment are provided in this document.

1 Purpose

The purpose of the document is to collect and analyze all assorted ideas that have come up to define the system, its requirements with respect to consumers. Also, we shall predict and sort out how we hope this product will be used in order to gain a better understanding of the project, outline concepts that may be developed later, and document ideas that are being considered, but may be discarded as the product develops.

In short, the purpose of this SRS document is to provide a detailed overview of our software product, its parameters and goals. This document describes the project's target audience and its user interface, hardware and software requirements. It defines how our client, team and audience see the product and its functionality. Nonetheless, it helps any designer and developer to assist in software delivery lifecycle (SDLC) processes.

2 Scope

Primarily, the scope pertains to the E-Store product features for making Marvel Electronics and Home Entertainment project live. It focuses on the company, the stakeholders and applications, which allow for online sales, distribution and marketing of electronics.

This SRS is also aimed at specifying requirements of software to be developed but it can also be applied to assist in the selection of...

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