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Sr Rm 022 Essay

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SR-rm-022 Part 1
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Human resource management systems, are the backbone of every company in existence today they significantly improve the seamless proficiency; they are the bottom line of a company. In response to the request made by COO of Riordan Manufacturing Hugh McCauley, the purpose of this service request is to provide a way to integrate a variety of existing Human Resources (HR) tools into a single integrated application so that the company can take advantage of a more sophisticated, state of the art, information system in the Human Resource department.
Key Stakeholders
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Director of Account and Finance- Donald Bryson directs financial activities of the organization.
Chief Financial Officer- Dale Edgel directs the accounting, finance and Human Resource functions, which target specific achievement goals of the company while upholding the core values.
Chief Information Officer- Chief IS/IT officer of organization. Maria Trinh develops strategic information systems for the departments based on long-term corporate goals and plays a vital role in the implementation of the new Human Resources (HR) system.
Chief Legal Counsel- Lowell Bradford advises the corporation concerning legal rights, obligations and privileges. Mr. Bradford is also responsible for the complacency of “Riordan Manufacturing’s” safety rules concerning liability with regard to the company’s employees.
Information gathering and Analysis Tools
Information gathering techniques are an important part of any company. The way information is collected, determines whether the information is processed correctly, or simplify overlooked. The new information system that is requested, must meet the requirements of the organization and the employees that will be utilizing this new system. The first part of information gathering should consist of identifying the information sources. The main sources of information within the company should be employees who have past knowledge of the old systems, and who are going to utilize the new system. This would lead to valuable input as to what type of information should be integrated in the other system or left out. Another source is the forms and documents that have been used in the past for example, accreditation paperwork or system requirement paperwork. There are also existing document such as procedure manuals, rulebooks, and reports that can be used to gather specific information. Once the analyst has identified proper sources, they will then view the current system to determine the system’s problematic areas through the eyes of the employees who currently use the system, and notate the issues with the old system. From that, develop the SRS (Systems Requirements Specification) which is a tool that an analyst utilizes to specify what information requirements will be provided and can be used for detailed design of the system. The SRS should be complete, specify operational, tactical, and strategic information requirements, it should eliminate possible arguments between end-users and analysts. The Systems Requirements Specification (SRS) it should use graphical aids easily understood by users who are not computer savvy. ("Information Gathering", n.d).
Techniques to Gather Requirements
Several types and techniques can be employed in order to gather information successfully. Information can be gathered by interviewing management in the organization on the scale from high-level executives, to mid-level management, also included is the operational staff. Interviewers gather information an analyst...

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