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Sundays to me are a day of rest. I am a Christian and my religion is to attend church on Sundays and rest in the evenings. Now I’m not going to lie to you, I don’t attend church every single Sunday like I should but I make it when I am not working. I grew up with the tradition of going to church every Sunday but when I turned sixteen that all changed. I had a car and a job to pay for my car. I worked almost every Sunday because I had school during the week and I also played sports like football and rugby which packed my week and made ...view middle of the document...

They became angry with me and told me that I need to attend church as much as possible. So when I came back from winter break I began to go to church again. So you could say there was some leniency at first but then my parents began to crack down. Sundays have pretty much been the same throughout my entire life and in the end there was some change but not a lot. France has laws that create a day of rest on Sundays. No shops are allowed to be open and no one is allowed to work in their shops. This was made to create a day of rest filled with time for family. Many stores felt this was wrong and started to stay open on Sundays. They began to disobey the laws for more money and for the government to loosen up on the stores and let them make their own hours. Frances stores began to have more income and a higher job hiring rate. This allowed more students to receive jobs but it then began to decrease. Online shopping has increased 15% a year in France and all the online stores have 24/7 service so why shop in stores when you can get it on the internet. I would say that France shops should be allowed to make their own hours and if they feel the need to make Sunday a day of rest or a day of work then it should be left up to the people.

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