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Sports Essay

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The salvation story begins in the Old Testament with Abraham, the father of the ‘big 3’ monotheistic religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism). In Genesis chapters 12-22 we find Abraham asked by God to go forth spreading his message making him the first real prophet speaking of God and the salvation story. Throughout the story of Abraham, God put him through many tests of faith including asking Abraham to sacrifice his son to God in the ultimate test of dedication and faith in the Lord. Because Abraham had agreed to God’s will, his son was saved and God did not require Abraham to go through with the sacrifice. As a reward for the faith shown to God, he made Abraham the father of the ...view middle of the document...

God continued to speak with Moses and help him in leading his people. When the people of Israel began to slip away from God, Moses was spoken to by God and given the 10 commandments. These rules were given to the Israelites and meant to be a guide on how the Lord wished for them to live. Now since the nation of Israel had began with Abraham and delivered from oppression by Moses, the salvation story continued. Through other prophets in the Old Testament God’s message of a promise of love and salvation continued to be spread, and the nation of Israel grew.

Next came the New Testament where we find the arrival of Jesus Christ and the start of the conclusion of the salvation story. In the book of Mark (chapters 1-9) as well as the other books of the gospel (Matthew, Luke and John) the story of Jesus’s life and death puts the finishing touches on the salvation story. Jesus bore the sins of the world and sacrificed himself for the good of mankind, to pay for the sins of the world through his death. When the Romans crucified Jesus, after being betrayed by one of his disciples, all of the prophecies of salvation made throughout the Old Testament were proven true. When watching the Passion of the Christ, I thought that the makers of the movie did a good job of sticking to the details of Jesus’s death ad showed just how mercilessly he was tortured. It showed how truly great of a sacrifice Jesus made to atone for the sins of the world. Three days after his death and burial, Jesus rose from the dead and proved his divinity. This fulfillment of prophecy is at the center of the Christian faith, although Judaism does not recognize the New Testament as scripture. In the Jewish religion Jesus is not thought to be the true Son of God, therefore he was looked at as simply another prophet and his...

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