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Define and describe the following theories on personality:

Trait theory – the trait theory suggests that a person’s personality is built through a number of different traits that the person has. The maker of the theory was Gordon Alport; he came up with the idea. He found that just by figuring out what traits you have, the trait theory can figure out what personality you have. He said that there are 4,000 words in the English dictionary that describe traits. He put these words and traits into 3 categories; Cardinal traits, central traits and secondary traits. These categories would help describe what someone’s personality is. This theory would help pick out people like; introverts ...view middle of the document...

This would affect badly in the sport of rugby because you would need to be aggressive, this is where the extrovert personality benefits because you would need to be aggressive and competitive and that is the traits that you would have if you are an extrovert, this could be bad in sorts like darts and snooker because they will not be as focused or calm if they were playing these sports.
I don’t believe that the trait theory is an accurate test; this is because I believe people can have different personalities in all sports. For example on a rugby team, there will be a mixture of different personalities, some that are obnoxious angry and loud, and also others that are quiet and focused. The sport people play isn’t determined on the personality of the person, in my eyes it is determined on what they want to do, and if they can play that sport. I believe that the test was accurate towards me, but I don’t believe it would be accurate for everybody. It was accurate for me because I got the test result of me being an extrovert stable, and this is correct, this category says that the person would suit a game of contact and team sport which is correct as I play rugby. Another reason why I do not agree is because I have taken the test for this, and did not agree with the results. The results are at the back of my work.

Social learning theory – the social learning theory is the theory that your personality is created from being in a certain environment and being around certain people. For example, if a child grew up with a family of loud and very active and outgoing people, then it will most likely act the same, this is because the child would try and act likes his or her parents and family. A lot of children see their mother or father as a role model, and will try and aspire to be like them, so therefore this proves that the social learning theory is correct in some aspects. Children when growing up will have certain aspirational models, people they want to grow up to be, and at a younger age they will start to copy this individual and what they say or do, this can even be if it is gender appropriate or not. But most of the time children looks up to someone with the same sex, this can vary from parents and family, to television characters. The theory consists of 4 main aspects; attention, retention, motor reproduction and motivational response. The attention side of this theory is when the person learns through observation of this person must have a certain level of respect and admiration for the person they are observing. The person must have certain factors to their personality and looks, things like successfulness, power and attractiveness. The retention part of this theory is where the person observing would be able to observe and retain skills and knowledge, and be able to remember and process this, this could happen within sport with someone watching messi the football player and admiring his footwork and skill on the ball, the person will try...

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